Song Title or first line Writer(s), arrangers and maybe lyrics
ABC Anthem, The Humour Australia
Advise Australia Fair Duncan Chalmers
A Movement That Sings Brisbane Combined Union Choir A Movement That Sings
Axises of Evil Paul Spencer, arr. Miguel Heatwole, 2002
Ballad of 1891, The
Ballad of Eureka, The Helen G. Palmer Doreen Jacobs Bridges
Banaha Congolese Folk Song (Public Domain) Banaha
Banks are Made of Marble, The
Bomb Iraq
Bread and Roses
Bring Out the Banners John Warner, 1997
Bye Bye Awards
Coal Seam Gas Protest song Ainslie Lamb, 2011, arr. (and extra words) Sarah Lambert
sop (mp3)alto (mp3)bass (mp3)
Cooperation Reigns Paul Spencer, 1996, arr. Miguel Heatwole
Dark as a Dungeon Merle Travis, 1946
Don’t buy Nike Sydney Trade Union Choir
Down by the Riverside
(I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More)
Arr. Briar Eyers, 1997
Fixin’ to Die (in Iraq) Rag Joe McDonald, 1965; Molly Mockford et al., 2004 (many versions!)
Four Strong Women Maurie Mulheron, 1996
Freedom K. Carmody, B. Willoughby, Arr. J. Linden – freedom
Galloway and Stephens Clem Parkinson, 1985
Give Peace a Chance
(Round 4 Peace)
Hammer Song, The
(If I had a Hammer)
Pete Seeger & Lee Hays, arr. Tom Bridges
Holi Hsla Hsla (Mandela) Arr. Sarah Lambert

Holi Hsla Hsla

I Aint Afraid Holly Near, Arranged for choir by Tom Bridges, 2003sop (mp3)alto (mp3)bass (mp3)
I Come and Stand at Every Door Natzim Hikmet, Jeannette Turner, James Waters, Pete Seeger, 1962
I Have a Million Nightingales Linda Hirschhorn & Mahmoud Darwish
In My Shoes Marianne Tozer & Lyndon Piddington, 2001
Industrial Relations Laws John Dengate
Internationale, The Alan Bush & Pierre Degeyter
Join Your Union John Warner, 2006
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream Ed McCurdy
Medicare Blue the Shearer aka Col Wilson, 2003
Miner’s Life, A
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika Enoch Sontonga, 1897
Ode to Joy Beethoven, Lachlan McGowan
Power In A Union Words POWER IN A UNION
Power In A Union Score POWER IN A UNION
Reconciliation (200 Years) Cec Fisher, Lexine Solomon, 1988. Arr. Mark Shortis & Ruth Apelt
Restore Australia Fair Garth Setchell, 2003
Shame Nike Shame Sydney Trade Union Choir
Sho Sho Lo Za Anon.
Sixteen Tons Merle Travis, 1946
Solidarity Forever Ralph Chaplin
Song of Liberty
(Stand Beside Me for Peace and for Liberty)
B. Warfield and G. Verdi
Stand Together Bernard Carney 1996
Step by Step Peter Seeger & Lee Hays
Sweat Free Carols FairWear and NUS
Tarrier’s Song (Drill Ye Tarriers Drill)
Tell Us the One, Mr Howard Gordon Sneddon, 2004
(There is) Power in A Union Billy Bragg, George F. Root & Christine Evans
Till the Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away Alistair Hulett, 1985
Until Judy Small
Walls and Windows Judy Small and Pat Humphries
War No More Anon.
Weevils in the Flour Dorothy Hewitt, Michael Leyden & Ricardo Andino
Which Part of No? Anon.
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Johnnie Howard? Doreen Borrow
Who’s Side Are You On Original version Which Side are You On? by Florence Reece
Windy Gully (Children’s Chant, Lullaby, the Miners’ Song, Price of the Coal, Windy Gully) Wendy Richardson
In My Shoes In My Shoes